Unique Benefits of Our Stoves

Why you would love to own a Hestia Stove?

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The principles

The benefits

Principles of our soapstone heater and a standard heater

Norsk Kleber Heater

Norsk Kleber Heater

Standard Heater

The energy from the fire is absorbed into the stones. The heat will then radiate into the room long after the fire is extinguished for 8-12 hours. A standard heater heats the air causing it to rise to the top of the room. As the air begins to cool, it circulates downward to be reheated, continuing the cycle. Such a heater does not deliver pleasant radiant heat, and it heats only for as long as there is visible fire.

Who will benefit from owning a hestia wood stove?

  1. If your home is well insulated, the stove can serve as the main heating source. Just top off your stove 2-4 times a day, depending on the outside temperature.
  2. If your home is large and not well insulated, the wood stove can serve as a secondary heating source. Because of its slow heat output, other systems with thermostats can easily adapt, thus saving energy.
  3. If you stay in a cabin, the heater provides reasonably quick heat and can keep a cabin nicely warm and “koselig.”
  4. A Norsk Kleber heater is easy to use. Under most conditions, you only need 2-4 rounds of firing per day. Under this scenario, the heater will emit between 3 to 12 kWh (3,500-10,000 BTU/hour).