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Soapstone masonry stoves keep your home warm

Hestia Stoves offers soapstone stoves where high quality, efficiency and elegance come together. Our soapstone stoves offer many advantages that make them an attractive choice for those looking for a sustainable and efficient way of heating. The combination of radiant heat, long-lasting heat output and long lifespan makes these heaters a sustainable investment for any home.

The unique benefits of our soapstone stove

Our stoves can store up to 80% of the heat released by the fire in its stones. In practice this means that the stoves use less wood to keep a room warm for a long time. This way you save on firewood costs compared to traditional wood stoves. Also the heat is emitted over a long time, given a great sense of comfort. Read more about the benefits of soapstone stoves here.

Soapstone: efficient beauty

Since 1893 Norsk Kleber has produced a special brand of masonry heaters: wood stoves build throughout of soapstone, without the use of a steel firebox. Such a soapstone stove is not just a woodstove, but an exclusive piece of furniture taken directly from nature. Each stone has a different structure and pattern, and no two stoves are the same. Our soapstone is grey with a light structure. Our soapstone wood heaters are a warming piece of art that will last for generations.

This is what Mark Twain had to say about European masonry heaters, like ours, in the 19th century Read his review. 

Our Stoves in Action 

This video is captured by our esteemed cooperation partner Lorflam in France. You’re seeing the thermal video of the Babina stove. The stove, fired up from cold with approximately 3 kg of wood logs in an ambient temperature as low as 15 degrees Celsius, gradually warms up, emitting a steady flow of radiant heat throughout the entire 8-hour recording. As the stones heat up, their temperature, measured in real-time, is displayed on the scale to the right, providing a visual representation of the stove’s impressive performance.


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