Operation of the soapstone stove

A soapstone stove is a masterpiece when it comes to heat output and efficiency. The stove is designed to generate and distribute heat in the home in a natural and sustainable way. The operation of a soapstone stove is based on an age-old countercurrent principle, an efficient method of heating. We are happy to explain how the stove works.

The flue gases heat the soapstone

The countercurrent principle is an essential part of the operation of a soapstone stove. The hot flue gases released when the wood is burned are guided through a complex system of channels along the soapstone. This heats the soapstone and optimally utilizes the heat to heat the room. This results in a significantly higher efficiency than with traditional heaters.

With traditional wood stoves, a lot of heat is lost because the warm flue gases are discharged directly through the chimney. With a soapstone stove, this heat is not immediately dissipated, but used to heat the stones.

Principles of our soapstone heater and a standard heater

Norsk Kleber Heater

Norsk Kleber Heater

The energy of the fire is absorbed by the stones when the hot smoke comes into direct contact with the stones. The stones then continue to radiate heat for many hours after the fire has gone out. A comfortable and healthy warmth.

Soapstone as a heat accumulator

The heart of the soapstone stove is made of soapstone, which acts as a heat accumulator. When you light the fire in the stove, the soapstone begins to absorb the heat. The great thing about this system is that you need relatively little wood to heat the stove, as the soapstone retains the heat and releases it gradually.

Long heat output

Over time, the soapstone will gradually release its heat to the environment, making the stove a long-lasting source of heat, long after the fire has gone out. This makes it an extremely efficient and sustainable way of heating, where you can enjoy a fairly constant and comfortable temperature in your home.

Environmentally friendly to use

The operation of a soapstone stove is very environmentally friendly. The wood is completely burned, resulting in fewer flue gases being released into the outside air. This leads to low particulate matter emissions and a cleaner combustion process.

The many advantages of a soapstone stove

  • Very long heat release due to the radiant heat
  • Burn less wood than a traditional wood stove
  • Very low particulate matter emissions
  • Constant temperature in the house
  • User-friendly to maintain
  • Long lifespan of the soapstone stove

Learn more about a soapstone stove

A soapstone stove is efficient, sustainable, environmentally friendly and user-friendly. It is an investment that not only provides a warm and cozy home, but also contributes to a greener and cleaner living environment. You are cordially invited to make an appointment in our showroom. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and provide appropriate advice.