Hestia industries was established in 2019 to import the soapstone masonry stoves of norsk kleber, a company that has been producing such stoves since 1893. The rich tradition of these type of stoves we wanted to bring to the northern american market. So far we have already many very happy customers. We are proud to note that our customers are alike the northern european customers when it comes to appreciating our soapstone wood stoves. Quite often we get a feedback like ‘I can never think of any other type of woodstove anymore’. This is due to the unique characteristics of our products.

Learn what makes our products truly unique

Since 1893 we have produced a special brand of masonry heaters: wood stoves build of soapstone.

Since 1893 we have produced a special brand of masonry heaters: genuine soapstone stoves. They are developed according to century old principles and based on timeless scandinavian design. Our stoves therefore go well with most types of interiors. Not only are our genuine soapstone stoves wonderful pieces of furniture, they also have some remarkable benefits:

  • Optimum storage of the heat from the fire, which is dispersed from the stove into the room long after the fire is extinguished
  • A pleasant radiant heat – the heat that is stored in the stones is radiated into the room, very much like the warmth you would experience from the evening sun
  • A good indoor climate – since our types of stoves do not have very hot surfaces that are in direct contact with the air in the room, no particles from the air get burnt
  • Excellent energy efficiency – due to the slow heat release and high burning efficiency, roughly half the amount of wood is used compared to cast iron or steel stoves

The core of our business philosophy is that we only produce ‘genuine’ and ‘solid’ soapstone stoves. The distinctive characteristic of our type of masonry heaters is that the hot smoke, which contains by far the largest part of the energy from the fire, is in direct contact with the stone. This creates optimum heat storage conditions, about 5 to 10 times higher than in steel stoves that have soapstone claddings. The principle of the hot smoke being in direct contact with the stones which absorb the heat also guarantees the low surface temperature of the stove. Another good thing is that small genuine soapstone stoves also have excellent heat storage properties. However, due to the stove’s smaller heat storage reservoir, it should not be fired up too many times in quick succession since the capacity of the total heat that can be stored is less than for bigger masonry heaters. The heat stored in the stones of all our stoves will pleasantly warm the room for many hours. Experience a genuine soapstone stove from us at one of our authorized dealers: ‘touching is believing’!

Our stoves and fireplaces are a marvel of efficiency.

Far superior to steel and iron, soapstone is an ideal material for stoves and ovens.

Heat distribution in the room, comparison of soapstone stove with steel and cast-iron stoves.