Carlo is our most recent addition to our soapstone lineup. It is a pellet burner stove – in this model only pellets can be used as fuel. Our engineers have combined heat accumulation technology with the patented pyrolysis burner, combining the best of these two worlds.

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Carlo – Pellet Stove

Carlo has the elegant look that sets perfectly within any setting. The color of the stone and the door complement each other. With this stove ‘‘koselig’’ will be brought to your dwelling. In addition, you will receive Hestia’s healthiest stove option for indoor and outdoor air conditions. Refilling the pellet burner only a few times during the days ensures you have a warm home during the rough winters. With this stove BluComb, in cooperation with Norsk Kleber, has created a masterpiece of design and functionality.

Technical Details - Carlo




  • Height: 140 cm / 55 in
  • Width: 50 cm / 19.7 in
  • Depth: 35 cm / 13.8 in
  • Weight: 450 kg / 992 lbs
  • Fuel: Pellet
  • Heat output when firing 3 times a day with pellets: 2 kWh
  • Nominal Output: 8 kWh

Consult Manual in Support Section for more detail.


UL Certifications:
All our wood burning stoves are certified by Underwriters Laboratory in the US under UL 1482-2011 (R2015) and Canada under ULC-S627-00 (R2016).

Efficiency and Output:
Masonry heaters are highly efficient and clean burning and when fired correctly convert over 80% of the energy to heat. Depending on firing their output ranges between 10,000 and 41,000 BTUs.

EPA Status:
Because of their masonry heating principles and efficiency, the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States exempts masonry heaters from their regulations. Refer to their policies on their web-site under

Floor Protection:
To protect from sparks and embers use any UL or ULC listed Type 1 hearth board or any other non- combustible material. In the US the floor protection must extend continuously from the door opening at least 16” and 8” from the sides of a the door opening and 2” under the chimney connector. In Canada, floor protection must extend continuously 18” (457mm) from the front of the stove and 8” (203mm) from the sides and the rear in addition to 2” (51mm) to both sides of a a horizontal chimney connector section.

These wood stoves are designed to be used with solid, dry wood only. If stacked horizontally the wood in the burn chamber should not be longer than 12” (30cm). If stacked vertically it should not exceed 16” (40cm). Uniform length is recommended to achieve even burning.

Outside Air:
All our wood stoves provide a secondary air vent in the rear that can be adapted for access to outside air.

Installation and Assembly:
This must be done by qualified and trained professionals.

All wood stoves come with a manual that should be carefully studied for important safety information and instructions on proper use or care.

Norsk Kleber warrants the stones for 10 years, other parts for 5 years and replacement labor for one year. Refer to the manual for conditions and exclusions.